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Ayurvedic massages


It is a purifying and detoxifying system that acts stimulating different levels: the physical, emotional and mental body through the use oils that have been prepared on this purpose.

80€ (90′)


We use pindas to make rubbing, pressure, friction and drumming, producing therapeutic effects to activate chakras at the energetic level. At the physical level, lymph is drained as well as to clean the skin weave, activate the circulatory system, stimulating the skin sensitivity. A deep relaxation state in the profound and superficial muscles is gained. It is an ideal massage to remain against the stress.

65€ (60′)


Energetic massage of complete body. This massage helps to ease the body and the mind, stimulate the body clean of toxins in order to find the balance.

60€ (60′)


It increases the blood flow on the head, neck and shoulder, favouring the skin weaves feeding and oxygenation through the arterial circulation and contributing to toxin elimination through the venous way.

30€ (30′)


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