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The combination of these techniques will make you get FABULOUS legs and activate your whole body to feel much healthier. You have probably heard of this type of massage BUT… do you know what they are for? I’ll let you know!

  • Reducing massage: This is the most intense of all, we start up your whole body and try to reduce the fat nodules so that you eliminate them more easily when you move your bum or bottom
  • Circulatory massage: it’s cut and dried. With this technique, we activate blood circulation through specific movements to help good circulation
  • Wood therapy: it works with wooden utensils and is thought to be more specific for stubborn areas
  • Cupping massage, total activation: it helps to activate the different tissues and to activate the blood and lymphatic system

The only difficult thing is choosing just one!

During this month you can enjoy this 4-session bonus of 30m each for only €85.

Your legs will thank you and which is most important: you will feel great!

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