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Back massage

Do you spend a long time seated at the office? Then you will know this situation causes tireness and numbness which means serious backache.

We have the solution to your problem! A massage sesión on your back, neck and shoulders.

Do you know how this will help you on your rutine?
• It reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety
• It relieves muscular tension common in your neck, shoulders, arms and wrists due to the constant use of keyboard and mouse.
• It Improves your concentration
• It alleviates heatache and migraine
• It relieves back pain and ameliorate body posture
• It favours blood circulation
• It increases your energy and therefore, productuvity.
• By feeling a wellness sensation, you get more consious of your health
• It augments motivation and commitment.

Book your appointment at 627218467 and enjoy a 45m sesión for just €30.

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